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Field Info:

We primarily will use Bates park for practices and games (fields 2,3,4,5&6). We occasionally will use Emricson Park fields Main A and Bigelow C.

Fields with Lights

Spring season generally does not require lights except for night games.

Bates: 3&4- Light controls are behind the porta-potties in the box. If you are the last one there and the lights are still on, YOU are responsible for turning them off.

Emricson: Main A & Bigelow C

Lights instruction here  --->  Emricson Lights Instructions

Emricson Park Map: Fields Map

Bates Park Map:


Field Prep Info:

City will prep our fields for each game. They do an awesome job!!

**Before each home game, you will need to check the field is prepped and confirm the mound is at the correct distance

Mound Distances
6U- 30 feet but doesn't really matter, coach can toss from 30 feet regardless of where the mound is
8U- 30 feet
10U-35 feet
12U-40 feet
14U 43 feet

**Mound distances are marked by little markers in the dirt at each distance to help you make sure mound is correct
1st marker= 30 feet
2nd marker=35 feet
3rd marker= 40 feet
4th marker= 43 feet


Mound distance is wrong:
There is a hammer in the box behind 6. Use it to pry up the mound and then place the back of the mound at the correct marker and hammer back into the ground. You may need to reline the pitchers circle depending on where the mound was. (i.e. If the mound was at 43 feet and needs to be moved to 30 you will want to reline the circle).

What if my field is not prepped?
You may leave it as is and play without it. Or you may prep your own field. The prep stuff is in the shed by the parking lot.

**Again our city has made it super easy by placing markers where the lining needs to go. The box has markers as well as where the first base and 3rd base lines begin. Please watch the video below to get more info on hoe to prep a field.

How to prep video

Equipment needed:
1.) Chalk Liner
2.) Chalk
3.) Pitchers Circle Marker (in box behind 6. a string connected to a marker. Hold the string on the mound and place marker out 8ft from it. Then draw a circle around the whole mound. Then you have a line visible to mark with the chalk.)

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