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Spring Ball:
Once games start, practices slow down. Use this rule of thumb...schedule 2 things per week. For example, if you have one game that week, schedule 1 practice. If you have 2 games that week, do not schedule practice (older divisions may feel more comfortable scheduling more). Games can be scheduled the last week of April and all games must be completed before the last FULL week of June.

All Star teams will be chosen Mid May. All Star tournament will be beginning/mid of July.

Fall Ball:
One game per week held on Saturdays. Other days may be used if the other team agrees.

Using game changer to keep your book is a really good option. Please see below how to set up and use GameChanger to score a game. Recruit a parent to help score the game.

Practice scoring a game on GameChanger

Scoring a Game Tutorial

How to set up/use GameChanger
You can use the GameChanger app for communication with teams and to put in your schedule. You absolutely may use any other app you like. We just are partial to GameChanger. It’s a good all in one app. You can also use it to keep your “game book”. If you also want to have a hard copy of the game book I can get you one. 

Canceling/rescheduling games:

The city will make calls on field conditions around 2-3pm and let us know if the fields are not playable. I will let everyone know IF fields are NOT playable. If you do not hear about field conditions, you are likely good to go. Away games will be determined by the other towns. For practices, If no games are scheduled we will make the call based on whomever goes out to check fields first to see if they are playable. 

Procedure for rescheduling games:
1) Message Megan so we can cancel the umpire if needed. 

2) Notify other team

3) Message Megan with date, time and field # of cancellation and then same for the make-up. 


WGSL is a rec program. You should aim to let all girls try all positions (within reason, we want girls to be successful and SAFE).

At the older age groups you will want to work on a few key positions for each girl so she gets good at playing those few positions. But all girls should get equal play time. Every other inning you can alternate then from the infield to the outfield.  It’s smart to plan to make your line ups in advance and keep track so you know who played where each game and who sat out etc. You can use a clipboard style line up board. My assistant coach had a giant white board that he made into a chart and the girls could see where they were playing each inning and the coaches could see where girls all played so no one repeated too many times at the same position. Just try to make it as fair as possible.

All girls bat! You should be batting your whole roster every game. 10U and up you want to get them used to the competitive side of softball, so you want to bat you better players at the top. You do not need to rotate around so that every girl gets to bat first like they did in the younger levels.

NISA/coach contacts:
This is the website where you will record scores (winning team) SPRING ONLY, as well as look up contact information for the other coaches.You will also find all the rules here for each division.

**NISA All Star Nominations are also done on this website.
            --nominate 2 Girls Each game from the OTHER team-SPRING BALL ONLY

You will receive a bucket of balls, Catchers Gear, Team Bat

       ** Helmets, fielding masks can be handed out on an as needed basis

The equipment boxes behind field 6 will have some additional equipment for practices including tees and tennis balls and I'm hoping to purchase some more wiffle balls. This equipment will need to be shared and replaced back in the box. If equipment starts going missing, or doesn't get put back, we will have to stop putting it out.

Game balls:
Game balls will be inside the box behind field 6. You will need to grab 2 of those before each game.Let me know when it starts running low!

**PLEASE DO NOT give out game balls at this time. The cost of softballs has gone up significantly in the last couple of years and we need to retain all of our game balls for practice balls. Softballs wear out and need to be replaced and we use the game balls for that. In place of game balls to give out, you will receive a set of helmet stickers that you may give out as you choose.

First Aid:
We will have first aid items inside the box as well as an AED. Band aids and antiseptic as well as ice packs.

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